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“İşbank is an institution that will occupy a prominent place in the economic history of the Republic. In just a short time and especially despite the many challenges presented by reform and creating a brand new government, this institution has effectively and definitively shown the significant positive consequences arising from the allocation of even a modest amount of wealth to the interests of the nation instead of the individual.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1936

Founded on the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the Republic of Turkey’s first bank, the history of İşbank parallels the nation’s quest for modernization as well as and economical and social development., and oOur Bank’s heritage helps to illuminate this process, bringing to light significant aspects of Turkey’s recent past.
İşbank Museum is a museum of institutional history where information and memorabilia related to the İşbank’s economic, social and institutional development from its establishment on August 26, 1924 to the present are brought together, preserved and shared with the public.

The Museum highlights the crucial and changing roles that İşbank has played in the process of transforming Turkey’s economic system and society that was initiated with the founding of the Republic, its contributions to the country’s development, the evolution of its organizational structure, and its 93 years of communications with the public in terms of not only of advertising promoting its services but also social responsibility, with a vision focused on the future.

The Museum’s primary mission is carefully conserving, safeguarding and transmitting to future generations the extensive collection of documents, banking tools, communications devices, photographs, artworks, advertising and promotional materials, and movies that bear witness both to Turkey’s economic development and to İşbank’s own history from its founding to the present.

Sharing with the public the story of the legacy and continuity of İşbank, its progressive development, generations of service to Turkey, and place in public life, by bringing together all the memorabilia from employees and customers of İşbank is the main goal of our museum.

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